"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

Album Review: Common “Finding Forever”


Finding Forever was a piece of art.

Intro and Start the Show: The intro was very interesting, and kind of different, and I must say it kinda threw me for a sec, but then it grew on me up to the point of liking it just when the next track was starting, which happened to be….



We’ve already been hearing it and by now you know all the words, so you just rock with it. One of the best tracks of Common of all time in my opinion. It most likely won’t get that type of respect until 10 years from now, but I like the crisp clean feel of it, and it just showed you a sense of positivety and community. Plus, might I add, anything that Dwele touches is usually gold, so he suits the hook nicely


Another one of tracks that throws me for a second due to Lily Allen, but they I hear the topic and really get into it…..then eventually be the end of the track Lily Allen has grew on me. Definitely mad original and is a stand out track on the album. Not saying it doesn’t fit, but it definitely gets you attention. Like if each track was a color, this one would definitely be hot fusion pink. LOL.


This was really that deal. It’s one of them tracks where Common didn’t think about anybody else in the rap game and did his own thing. Something only Common would think of. The Will.I.Am hook just takes you to a whole nutha dimension. You can definitely get lost in the vibe of this track, and those type of songs are just great. Intertwines with your soul.


This was definitely one of the hottest tracks on the CD and my most anticipated one. It was just that straight up one of those Midwest rap songs you could envision just being something some rappers on a storefront or a corner just rocking it, in the street somewhere, almost like a cipher or something. It was definitely real. Plus I’m from the Southside. Of Minneapolis. But still the Southside. LOL.


Nuff said. This coulda came out in 1992. It’s like its an instant classic and hip hop epic moment, and it’s only been out for a little while. I definitely like the grime and blatant ruthless lyrical projection and content being spilled from Common. ONLY FOR THOSE WHO CAN TOLERATE THE ORIGINAL BOOM BAP


Music for life. Soundtrack to a soul. Composition for the soul.


This is a bittersweet track with me. It’s like I like it, but don’t. Deanglo is great in the track, then he’s not, but he doesn’t change. It’s really weird. This track is okay. Common definitely stayed on track and the content was great. I don’t know. Kind of a yay or nay type of feeling about it.


Probably one of my favorite tracks on here, and definitely my favorite romance track on here. So real, and I love the clever lyrics (Naw, that’s that dude from N-Sync-Gay) LOL. Production was ill. One of the best beats on here. Not to complex and not too complicated, but just right. This track is like the musical version of the baby bear’s porridge.


This is probably that best production on the CD. The topic is out this world and I love the feeling the track gives you. Great way to wrap up the CD. Straight from the heart and soul of Common into the listeners.


BEST “POP RAP” of all time. LOL!


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