"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

A Personal Story of A Racial Intolerance Experience

We all know it happens….but you’re still real heated when it does…: A Story about Sterotypes and Racial Intolerance:

By Michael Hannah (a.k.a Young Son)

I was just with a homey of mines who wanted to go check out some houses for sell because he‘s planning on purchasing one real soon. We were in this pretty rich neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. I already knew it probably wasn’t a great idea, just because how people are. We simply walked around the neighborhood looking at the houses for sale. It was night time, but we weren’t up to anything illegal or nothing. It was me, my homey and two other friends of ours with whom we were chilling with. Something in the back of my mind knew something about doing this wasn’t a good idea, but I didn’t mention it, in fear of being looked at as paranoid or something. So we walk around for about 45 minutes. I begin to get frustrated because I really don’t see the point. We get back to the car and I tell them I’m just going to chill here, because they wanted to continue walking. About 20 minutes later, I see the Cops rolling up the block. I’m already knowing what’s about to pop off. They go up the block, then five minutes later, the cop comes back up the street I’m standing in by the car and questions me. He asked my name and all the usual stuff, the owner of the car, what we were doing and all that. I explain. He says it did sound a little fishy, but he didn’t seem to see any wrong activity going on. He just stated that someone in the neighborhood had called 911, saying that there was a big, black guy between the age of 18-24 with headphones walking around looking at houses for sale and that I looked “suspicious”. Suspicious eh? We all know that means. We weren’t in the wrong, and after everything was cleared up, we were free to go. I really liked the cop, because he kind of knew what was going on and what had happened, but he still had to do his job. He was real cool and polite with us though, and even said we could continue to stay in the neighborhood and do what we were doing. I wasn’t mad at him. But it just irked me that I was already thinking this was going to happen before we even went there. People are still ignorant in the world. The funny part about it is, we know these people exist…but you are still just as angry when it actually happens. I mean, of course it could seem fishy…but would a person have called if I was a white kid, chilling or walking around the neighborhood…or skateboarding or something? I’m not saying it makes a difference, but it’s so hard not to ponder these scenarios…especially on the description of the complaint: a suspicious looking black man. Now, this really isn’t a huge matter…I mean, nothing big really happened from it…but it’s just the thought of it all that sticks in my mind that I felt at least deserved a blog post.

America, and a matter of fact, the World, has some work to do regarding the way our minds work and how we perceive things. Why do stereotypes run the way we look at other people and for that matter, society as a whole? We all have some work to do. That’s all I have to say.

My two cents, and them some…


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