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Album Review: Soulja Boy “iSOULJABOYTELLEM”

Written by Mike Dreams (Michael A. Hannah)

In light of not being a bias music reviewer, we arrive here at my official musical review for none other than the self proclaimed “Teen of the South” SOULJA BOY TELL EM’ with his brand new, sophomore release “iSouljaboytellem”. I can’t say much more to introduce this except…this should be hilariously…either way you swing it.

We come in with a hard hitting beat on the intro “I’M BOUT THE STAX”. Soulja Boy takes no hesitation and comes in with a harder style flow than we’ve ever really heard him on a record for. I guess he’s been extensively listening to his Gucci Man lately so he can turn his swag up. By the third verse, he doesn’t sound too bad, though his voice is super annoying from the get go. The hook could get certain individuals hype from the energy in which he delivered it in. Overall, the track was a 3 minute and 20 second rap cliché.

BIRDWALK is subsequently “Crank Dat Part II” and truthfully, wasn’t that bad. I know that it won’t catch on as the addictive, “Bobby Brown’s favorite pastime” mega phenomenon “Crank Dat”, but it’s much less annoying and better formulated than a DJ UNK dance song. I’m sure we will see at least half of the amount of replica videos on YouTube and moderate success among the teen community.

Next, we move to TURN MY SWAG ON. This joint easily is my favorite Soulja Boy song to date. I really dug the video based on his comical “Rich N*gga Sh*t” YouTube show and it was actually a change of pace for a Soulja Boy song. I did admit at first it would have been better if he actually spit some rap verses, but the singing wasn’t bad and the overall content was decent. It can definitely be an anthem for some swaggered up people on their grind, doing their thing. Natural Disaster’s production really shined and definitely serves a hard hitting joint that even SouljaBoy haters wouldn’t mind bumping on blast in the vehicle. If you can’t listen to this song and at least say it’s decent, you are blatantly a hater.

GUCCI BANDANNA is the following track. Following his trend of the last album, Soulja Boy once again samples himself from a song that just came out (Bow Wow’s MACRO POLO). He serves up some confident, yet nonsense punchlines (“So much ice I got you looking like Chinese”……WTFlip?). Overall, the production is super simple. Gucci Mane has never been a rapper on my radar and his verse was just as elementary as Soulja Boy’s verse. By the time Shawty Lo’s verse finishes, you are officially sleep.

EAZY, another non-Soulja Boy production sounds semi-refreshing for S.B to rap over. Soulja Boy serves up some decent verses with some aggressive confidence. The flow is definitely a step up for S.B even though it ‘s not touching other rappers who pride themselves as lyricists in the game. The song is easily listenable though and not bad at all. Its visible Soulja Boy is not as bad as we thought he was. My favorite part was when he switched the hook at the end and said “Piece of Cake”. Even through all the hating, you have to admit that the boy makes his stardom look “eazy”. Oh wait…maybe because it is.

Next, we move to the new smash KISS ME THRU THE PHONE. Jim Jonsin’s production shines heavily, as well as Sammie’s very well sung hook. Soulja Boy serves up some tolerable verses. His intro lines definitely sound like someone’s been listening to Jesse McCartney’s “Right Where You Want Me” (Yeah, I’m a Jesse fan…so what?). You also can’t have a Soulja Boy female jam without some random catchy gibber at the end (dot dot, da, da, da, da, dot, dot). Overall, the track has great potential to be big on the charts.

Next comes another booty jam from S. Beezy called BOOTY GOT SWAG. This may be my favorite Soulja Boy production, as far as the beat, to date. The beat had a country/old school blues style sample in the beginning that led into a hard hitting beat that I can see many females with, as Wayne describes it, “coconut derriere” getting down to the joint just as successfully as songs like “Booty Meat” or “She Got A Donk” from the last album. I’ve seen this in action, for real. Females ate up tracks like that on the last album and they were in heavy rotation.
RUBBER BANDS were a bunch of annoying noise to me. The topic was super ignorant to me and the production was highly annoying. The lyrics were random stupid mess. (Fresher than a dog?) Not much more to say about the track than that.

Okay, now remember when I said this was going to be hilarious either way? Okay…well here goes why. The next track we embark on is the comical “HEY YOU THERE”. “What’s your problem guy!”. I was dying. I would suggest to listen to this song pronto if you want a great laugh. You are a lame with a stick up your you-know-what if you truthfully can listen to this song and be angry and say it’s not funny. In a funny British accent, Soulja Boy says some of the funniest garble ever. Man…comedy rap is always what’s up. I think that Soulja should make a whole album like this. He would be very successful in my opinion.

Soulja Boy gets his Plies on over some Polow the Don on YAMAHA MAMA. The production is not bad at all, especially the catchy Lil Wayne sample on parts of the hook from “Stunting like My Daddy”. The melodic vibe mixed with an awkward style from Sean Kingston was actually not bad and something I wouldn’t mind hearing on radio. This is definitely single material and another solid, decent, mediocre track from S.B.

WITH MY YUMS exhibited the same, monotonous production style from Soulja Boy and the vibe and lyrics sounds way too much like Marco Polo, Gucci Bandana AND EVERY OTHER SOULJA BOY SONG! It was a very boring track and easily forgettable. But sidebar…I’ve seen the Yums. The shows are actually pretty fly. The just need a better theme song. I guarantee they will sell heavily though. This song is slightly below sub-par, even for Soulja Boy, and certainly isn’t “I Got Me Some Bapes”.

We move to the next track GO HEAD. Juney Boomdata serves as a refreshing voice on the hook. (At first I thought Soulja Boy just made his voice more high pitched.). The hook is heavy with bass, and I’m sure some people might like joint. The production sounds real decent , though Soulja’s lyrics get no better. The standout part of the song is the catchy and choppy hook.

SHOPPIN’ SPREE if rapped by Young Jeezy may have had a higher potential to be a hit. The hook is semi-catchy. The beat “goes hard” as they say. Gucci served up a decent delivered verse, but the lyrics were about nothing. Yo Gotti served up the best verse on the track with some actual flow and structure to his lyrics, thought they still wasn’t anything about it to make you be like “Aww, fam snapped!”.
I first heard this on the Broken Equipment parody for Soulja Boy and I agreed then and there that this should be his new single. Behind “Turn My Swag On”, this is my second favorite joint from S.B. His lyrics were not bad (my lyrics get recycled, but your lyrics just garbage). I find it really hilarious how Soulja Boy is straight up real when he comes at his own lyrics (he’s done this before on the “Get Silly” Remix and “Marco Polo). He took a few shots at some “old, washed up rappers as well. (Lipton anyone?). This was a decent track and could successful to S.B if released as a single in the future.

WHOOP RICO sounded great….WHEN I HEARD IT IN 2004! Anyone peep the complete biting of the “Knuck If You Buck” beat. The concept (whooping some dude named Rico that they turned into a dance). It was a decent track though, and since they dang near duplicated a beat, I’m sure people won’t mind banging the beat, because it will bang in the vehicle. Whoever was on the second verses was way better than SouljaBoy. It almost should have been his track, because he outshined Soulja Boy completely. The hook was semi-catchy, so it should do okay.

The outro track I PRAY” has a hot, electric guitar sample. The hook was really bad and off key. Soulja Boy on the verses was pretty good though. This is the best attempt at an epic proportion track from him and the realest lyrics I’ve EVER heard from Soulja Boy. He really needs to make more stuff like this so we can understand his story and him as a person better before we spit in his face and hate so much. In his best imitation of a T.I style swag, Soulja Boy actually spit something from the heart that people should be able to feel.

Overall, I can say this: THE NEW ALBUM IS WAY BETTER THAN THE DEBUT. It’s not the greatest, but I will say he’s in the right direction. If he can somehow shake this initially plethora of haters he has and really start making more substantial music, he may be around for a while. I’d say don’t write him off just yet. I respect the man’s hustle. Ending everything, I can say…Soulja Boy has stepped it up, but still has many stories to climb.


4 responses

  1. Anonymous

    I think you were wayyy to nice. Souljaboy is wack, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. He’s a one hit wonder, and I think this is gonna be the beginning of the end of his career. He only sold like 35 000 albums…and he was expecting to go platinum. I sorta feel bad for the kid. But I think he should do everyone a favor and just stop.

    December 29, 2008 at 10:56 pm

  2. Anonymous

    I think you were wayyy to nice. Souljaboy is wack, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. He’s a one hit wonder, and I think this is gonna be the beginning of the end of his career. He only sold like 35 000 albums…and he was expecting to go platinum. I sorta feel bad for the kid. But I think he should do everyone a favor and just stop.

    December 29, 2008 at 10:56 pm

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