"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

Mike Dreams – Crewed Up: The Next Generation (feat. Chantz Erolin, Just Wulf, Lipset, D’Allen White, Max Haben, Mally & Bobby Richardson)

This year, I get a chance to perform in front of 1000s at the SOUNDSET FESTIVAL in Shakopee, MN at Cantebury Park.  The SOUNDSET FESTIVAL is one of the biggest hip-hop outdoor festivals in the Midwest and it’s powered by the independent recording label “Rhymesayers Entertainment”.  You can catch me on the FIFTH ELEMENT STAGE this year on Sunday, May 30th, 2010!  In honor of that, I connected with some of my fellow up and coming emcees in Minnesota to recreate the posse cut “Crewed Up” from their 2007 free release originally by the hip-hop duo ATMOSPHERE “Strictly Leakage”. You can hear the original Crewed Up feat. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright & Blueprint here.

(Order of verses: Chantz Erolin, Just Wulf, Lipset, D’Allen White, Max Haben, Mally, Bobby Richardson and Mike Dreams)

DOWNLOAD: Mike Dreams – Crewed Up – The Next Generation (feat. Chantz Erolin, Just Wulf, Lipset, D’Allen White, Max Haben, Mally & Bobby Richardson)

DOWNLOAD: Mike Dreams – Crewed Up: The Next Generation (feat. Chantz Erolin, Just Wulf, Lipset, D’Allen White, Max Haben, Mally & Bobby Richardson) [Radio Edit]

Bonus: Atmosphere – Crewed Up [Original Version] – (feat. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright & Blueprint)

Hit the jump to read about all of the M.Cs involved in the remake….

Mike Dreams

You guys are on my blog at the moment, so you should know me.  I take the last verse on this incredible posse cut.  I’m currently promoting my debut independent album “Dreamer’s Poetry” and working on a mixtape for the summer and my next album “Just Waking Up”.  Stay tuned…

Chantz Erolin

At just 18 years old, he’s been a part of the Twin Cities hip hop scene for a very long time, performing at Yo! The Movement events, winning battles, rocking the stage at Soundset 2009 with new label-mate Guante and playing alongside artists like MC Lyte, Naughty by Nature, I Self Devine, Brother Ali and many more.  In 2008, he released “The Good Company EP”, the perfect introduction to one of the Twin Cities freshest voices. Rising indie label “Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records” recognized this, signed Chantz and will be re-releasing the EP in preparation for a future full-length. Though he was born in Los Angeles, Chantz is very much a product of the Twin Cities hip hop scene. At times, you can hear flashes of other artists in his flow: Big Zach’s drawl, Slug’s confidence, Big Quarters’ down-home realness. But Chantz also manages to transcend his peers and influences by focusing on his own story and offering something new. If “Good Company” is any indication, TC rap is in very good hands. ‘Good Company’ will be re-released on November 10th.

Just Wulf


Just Wulf is a St. Paul, MN-based emcee that just released his debut independent album “Peace By Piece”, a collaboration album between himself and producer Ethan “Prime Cut” Hansen. After meeting each other at The Fifth Element hip-hop record store in Minneapolis, in mid 2009 at a Last of the Record Buyers showcase, they decided to collab on a few tracks. The styles of both artists had complemented each other in such a way that there was no doubt that they would soon be working together again. As time passed, Prime Cut made more beats and Just Wulf began the process of putting together a full-length album.  Me and Justin connected for a collaboration on the album called “The Final Hour”.  You can support and purchase a copy of the album HERE.



Lipset hails from South Minneapolis.  I connected with him on a collaboration called “Make It Maybe” on my 2008 mixtape “Forever Words”, hosted by DJBOOTH.NET.  Lipset recently released his latest mixtape “In From The Cold”, which you can check out HERE.

D’Allen White

Formerly known has the acronym M.P.L.S, D’Allen has been active on the scene since 2005, hailing from Minneapolis Patrick Henry High School and then buzzing in the college music scene from the University of Minnesota.  He recently released a mixtape called “The Pre…”, which you can download HERE.

Max Haben


I’ve personally been doing music with Max Haben since early 2007.  He claims that I “discovered” him, but he was bound to be dope and do big things in his own right even if he never met me.  Max released a debut independent album called “The Mind Is Infinite” is 2007, fully produced by Newton, Massachusetts producer, Teddy Roxpin (Apathy, The Camp, etc).  He’s also performed around the Midwest with a group called “Max Haben and the Fix”.  Max is preparing to release his long-awaited mixtape “Senioritis” this summer and begin working on a new album.  You can support “THE MIND IS INFINITE” here:


My Photos | HoMage to my HoMe | MaLLY-- http://twitter.com/MaLLY612

Mally was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN where he currently resides. He has been writing since 2000, but didn’t start rapping until 2002. When he started spitting rhymes, it was evident that Mally had a knack for delivery and content with an abundance of punchlines. By 2005, Mally found his niche as an artist but never expressed to anybody that he rhymed until 2006, for this was to save himself the embarrassment of sounding like a rookie being a new artist, or risk being looked at as “just another rapper”.  His first project, entitled The Letter, was released in May 2007. The Letter was a collection of 26 songs, which included 1 track originally produced by Redwine titled “Dear”. The Letter consisted mainly of obscure underground instrumentals from other releases. This gave the project more of a personal vibe and not just a cliché mixtape. Various blogs like 33jones.com, The Smoking Section, Kiss My Ass, and Boo Goo Doo Boom expressed heavy praise on Mally upon his arrival.

The Letter was followed one year later in July 2008 with an album titled The Moment with production from Redwine, Check & Balance, Mydus, Rem’, Zilla Rocca and Astronote. The Moment displayed Mally’s ability to craft conventional and non conventional tracks as well. The album in many critics’ eyes was an unknown classic. The Moment had shown Mally can still rap but proved he was an artist beyond the basics.

Now in August 2009, Mally has released his 3rd solo project The Passion, produced entirely by Miami super producer Mydus. The Passion displays Mally’s spectacular flow, shows extreme growth from The Moment. Throughout The Passion, you begin to really know the man behind the microphone touching on experiences with the working world, love, heartbreak, success, happiness, spiritual battles and being an artist who has a voice but feels no one is listening. The Passion is relative to those who are human beings with dreams and goals of one day seeing the fruits of their labor.

Bobby Richardson

Bobby Richardson is a 17-year old upcoming emcee from St. Paul, Minnesota.  Though relatively new to the scene, he’s making some big waves with his new mixtape release, and is fresh off winning the annual Voices Merging (University of Minnesota) Poetry Slam/M.C Battle vs. Chantz Erolin.  You can watch that HERE.


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