"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

Andy Allo – DreamLand (feat. Blu) [Video]

A year later, but we get visuals from the beautiful Andy Allo for one of the L.A-lyricist Blu’s very rare features. Man, this is ironic, because I was listening to “Below The Heavens” this morning, wondering what’s been up with Blu, and then I see two posts today regarding him; an interview and this. This joint has always been dope and Andy Allo is super talented and beautiful. Blu needs to get back with Exile and drop another classic. Hey, I’ve been thinking about this:This is not to stir any bad or negative stuff up, (and I’m a huge J. Cole fan), but doesn’t it seem like J. Cole is now embarking on a lane/style that Blu should have been bringing to the forefront about three years ago. “Below The Heavens” and Blu’s style in general is sort of like the vibe/approach J. Cole takes, except it seems that Cole has a tad more edge. Either way, Cole is slowly bring that edgier, lyrical hip-hop closer to the mainstream again (ex. Who Dat is #4 on “106 and Park” of all places, etc) and that seems like something Blu should have been (or hopefully still can) capitalize on…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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