"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

Why Hammer? For What?

Believe it or not, I understand the motive and the thing about the imagery surrounding Jay-Z, but Hammer, this is pointless. At this point, you take a major L. People who simply even just speak about it usually take a major L, because it’s all just speculation anyways and can’t be proven. Let that man make music; listen to it or not. Where his soul lies is really up to him. The Christian rapper Bizzle’s joint was actually semi-serious and received a little more respect from those who still didn’t even agree.But for you to make a corny club song and be bringing back old “Pumps In A Bump” moves to diss Jay-Z is not going to work. Sorry. You just made some new comedy for people to laugh at and also added another negative connotation to make Christians look goofy…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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