"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

Mike Dreams x Frank Ocean (Remixes)

Hey, what’s up world?  Hope everything has been well.  I’m here to release a couple of new free downloads for everyone.  You all may or may not be familiar with them, but the California supergroup, “Odd Future” (fully known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA), has been getting a lot of buzz lately and have been rapidly increasing in popularity.  The group is an eclectic bunch of artists definitely making their own lane.  One of their members, Frank Ocean, an R&B singer, just released his debut project “Nostaliga, Ultra”.  It was released about a month ago, and he’s already in the studio, working with the likes of Beyonce!  Great things for him.  I personally got my hands on the project last weekend, and it’s all I’ve been listening to since them.  It’s a wonderful masterpiece of original, creative work.  I was inspired to do a couple remixes to a few of my favorites from the project, and just add some verses to them .  Please feel free to check them out, download them and spread ’em around.  Stay on the lookout for more music from myself soon, and look out for Frank Ocean.  I’m sure he’s going to be the next big thing on everyone’s radar in a matter of moments here.  Support eclectic music!

Download the two remixes below:

Frank Ocean on Tumblr

Follow Frank Ocean on Twitter


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