"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

Mike Dreams – Champion (Chipmunk Freestyle)

What’s up world?  I’m letting loose another new freestyle, as I continue to release free material weekly, as part of my “Spring Cleaning” Series, while I’m currently working on my 3rd, full-length independent studio album, “Millennial”.  This time around, I got a hold of the instrumental from UK rap artist Chipmunk’s hit single “Champion (ft. Chris Brown)”.  I’ve been a fan of the song for a while, and just recently had some events happen to me that put a lot on my mind to talk about; and the original song’s message spoke to me and inspired me to share my thoughts.  By the way, I recently had a chance to listen to Chipmunk’s “Transition” album at the top of this week, and it’s an incredible effort.  This is my first time ever listening to a full length project by the man, because I’ve only known about him for a less than a month; but this has made me an instant fan.  Check out the freestyle and look forward to more material coming.  Thanks for the support everyone!

Mike Dreams – Champion (Chipmunk Freestyle) [Free Download]


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