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Mike Dreams

Mike Dreams – “Best of Me” (New Freestyle x Update Video on Upcoming Mixtape and Album)

How’s it going world?  I hope everyone’s 2011 has went well.  The new year is upon us, and I’ve been hard at work all year on new material, that I’m finally ready to get out there in these next few months here.  I’m currently working on a mixtape called “Born In 1988”.  This is the first release from it, over the classic Mya & Jay-Z remix cut “Best Of Me Pt. 2”, produced by Trackmasters, for DJ Clue’s 2000 soundtrack album “Backstage: A Hard Knock Life”.  The entire mixtape will be over all joints at least 10 years old or older, mainly from the 90s, over songs I remember from childhood that left a mark.  Look for the mixtape release in mid-spring, as well as my 3rd independent album, Millennial, which will be coming out late spring/early summer of 2012.  This week, the Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards committee also released the nominees for this year’s awards, and I am pleased to announce that I was nominated for the Twin Cities Hip-Hop “Best MC (Rapper)” Award.  This is my 10th award nomination at the Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards.  Included below is a video update discussing my upcoming endeavors.  I appreciate the support from everyone thus far.  Thanks for your time!  

Mike Dreams UPDATE VIDEO on new mixtape, new album, The Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards, and Kickstarter Campaign:

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Mike Dreams – Champion (Chipmunk Freestyle)

What’s up world?  I’m letting loose another new freestyle, as I continue to release free material weekly, as part of my “Spring Cleaning” Series, while I’m currently working on my 3rd, full-length independent studio album, “Millennial”.  This time around, I got a hold of the instrumental from UK rap artist Chipmunk’s hit single “Champion (ft. Chris Brown)”.  I’ve been a fan of the song for a while, and just recently had some events happen to me that put a lot on my mind to talk about; and the original song’s message spoke to me and inspired me to share my thoughts.  By the way, I recently had a chance to listen to Chipmunk’s “Transition” album at the top of this week, and it’s an incredible effort.  This is my first time ever listening to a full length project by the man, because I’ve only known about him for a less than a month; but this has made me an instant fan.  Check out the freestyle and look forward to more material coming.  Thanks for the support everyone!

Mike Dreams – Champion (Chipmunk Freestyle) [Free Download]

Mike Dreams – Words I Had To Say (Words I Never Said Freestyle)

A few weeks ago, when Lupe Fiasco’s “Lasers” album was released, a shared a free download of my own rendition of the song that I did. Many supported it, and I really appreciate it. Today, I wanted to let loose a video clip, directed by Zeke The Freak (of 96.3 Radio Now in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Rhymesayers Radio & Parker Vision). Feel free to spread it out to your media mediums. I appreciate the support! This is the first video clip release as part of my seasonal series, “Spring Cleaning”, where I’ve been releasing free original songs, remixes, freestyles and more. I’m currently working on my third independent studio album, “Millennial”, that will be out later this year!! More music and things to come very soon! Thanks.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DOWNLOAD: Mike Dreams – Words I Had To Say (Words I Never Said Freestyle)

Also, the video was featured over at Lupe Fiasco’s Fan Blog, “The L.U.Pend Blog”.  It received mostly negative reviews, but it’s dope that it was posted over there nevertheless:

Mike Dreams – The Break’s Over (Prod. by C-Wizz)


Hey all.  Here’s a brand new original record from me.  It’s called “The Break’s Over”, and it’s the first original record, from my new seasonal release series, “Spring Cleaning”, where I’ll be releasing new freestyles and remixes weekly, a new original record every month for the entire spring, as well as viral videos and of course, my first official music video, “So Long (ft. Ryanne Noelle of Seventh Ascent), from my latest album, “Just Waking Up”.  This will all lead up to the promotional period for my third official independent album, which I’m currently working on and hope to put out in the late summer months.  I appreciate all the support and I hope everyone continues to support me!

This record was produced by C-Wizz.  Follow him on Twitter at @CwizzProduction.  The real dope scratching was done by my good homey DJ Advance of ATG and 3Way Ent.  Follow him on Twitter at @DJAdvance3Way.  Shouts out to RushCityLions on the engineering, and Jimmy Easy on the mixing.

DOWNLOAD: Mike Dreams – The Break’s Over

Mike Dreams x Frank Ocean (Remixes)

Hey, what’s up world?  Hope everything has been well.  I’m here to release a couple of new free downloads for everyone.  You all may or may not be familiar with them, but the California supergroup, “Odd Future” (fully known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA), has been getting a lot of buzz lately and have been rapidly increasing in popularity.  The group is an eclectic bunch of artists definitely making their own lane.  One of their members, Frank Ocean, an R&B singer, just released his debut project “Nostaliga, Ultra”.  It was released about a month ago, and he’s already in the studio, working with the likes of Beyonce!  Great things for him.  I personally got my hands on the project last weekend, and it’s all I’ve been listening to since them.  It’s a wonderful masterpiece of original, creative work.  I was inspired to do a couple remixes to a few of my favorites from the project, and just add some verses to them .  Please feel free to check them out, download them and spread ’em around.  Stay on the lookout for more music from myself soon, and look out for Frank Ocean.  I’m sure he’s going to be the next big thing on everyone’s radar in a matter of moments here.  Support eclectic music!

Download the two remixes below:

Frank Ocean on Tumblr

Follow Frank Ocean on Twitter

Mike Dreams – Words I Had To Say (Words I Never Said Freestyle)


Download: Mike Dreams – Words I Had To Say (Words I Never Said Freestyle)

Mike Dreams – Interview w/ Rhymesayers Radio (1-08-2011)


This past Saturday, I sat down with Big Saddiq and Zeke the Freak over at Rhymesayers Radio (KFAI).  It was a real fun experience to talk about the album and my future endeavors.  Zeke put me on the spot to freestyle over Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”, so I spit a little something.  I thought it was okay…lol.  Check it out.  The separate interview is available for stream and download below, and you can download Saturday Night’s entire show over at the RSE website!

Download:  Mike Dreams – Interview w/ Rhymesayers Radio (1-08-2011)

Download: RSE Radio (1-08-2011) [Full Show]