"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"

The Writer

Welcome to the journalist side of Mike Dreams.  Here, you can find my reviews on albums that interested me, as well as opinion pieces, articles, blog rants and creative writing pieces, including some “Dreamer’s Poetry”.  You’ve met the hip hop artist…now meet the writer!

Mike Dreams (Michael A. Hannah)

Album Reviews by Mike Dreams (Michael A. Hannah)

Detailed, full album reviews that sparked my interest enough to do a review upon.  Some are major releases, indie albums and some new albums from artists you may have not had a chance to hear yet.

Articles Written by Mike Dreams (Michael A. Hannah)

“A Dreamer’s Perspective”

“A Dreamer’s Perspective” is a weekly series of articles that I write that are featured on the Hip Hop Site “RefinedHype.Com”, a sister site to the critically acclaimed Hip Hop Online Presence “DJBOOTH.NET”.  The content of the articles are simply my perspective on a certain random topic on my mind that week.  Walk into the opinions and perspectives of a dreamer.

“The Introduction To The New School”

“The Introduction To The New School” was a bi-monthly piece I do for Hip Hop Lives Online (HHLO.NET) introducing newer and lesser known hip hop artists bubbling under the mainstream radar.  I felt it was needed.  Myself being a rising hip hop artist as well, I understand how it’s important for newer artists to be able to have that exposure to newer fans and people.

“Mike Dreams Philosophy”

“An Addict Of Life…”

A Mike Dreams “Venting Session“‘

These are blog posts where I just sort of spazzed out and gave my two cents on a specific issue that was on mind at the time.

A Personal Story About A Racial Intolerance Experience

Ben Stein Calls Obama an Angry Black Man

Soulja Boy and KRS-One Talking Hip Hop on BET Rap City:

Mike Dreams’ (Young Son) PICKS FOR THE BEST MUSIC OF 2007

Mike Dreams’ (Young Son) PICKS FOR THE BEST MUSIC OF 2008

Mike Dreams’ (Young Son) PICKS FOR the 2009 GRAMMYS:


Lil Wayne x Prom Queen (Lil Wayne doing Rock?)

Lady T talking about Kanye West

Interviews I’ve WRITTEN:

Masspike Miles Interview for DJBOOTH.NET


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