"Sanity in life is having the correct balance of reality and Dreams…"


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Mike Dreams – Just Waking Up (Full Length Studio Album)

Preview Image

$9.99 (plus tax & Shipping)

01. Rise & Shine (ft. Christina Fisher)
02. Ready for Me
03. Followin’ Dreams (ft. Ashley Dubose)
04 Any Day Now
05. Can I Have a Second (ft. Dominoe Ch’yea)
06. Bigger Than This (ft. Jeremy Austin Smith of See the World)
07. Wave to ‘Em
08. Me & My Music (ft. DJ Corbett)
09. No More Trouble
10. Got it Locked Down (ft. Dominoe Ch’yea)
11. Already A Star
12. So Long (ft. Ryanne Noelle)
13. Dream at Sunset (ft. Christina Fisher)
14. We Gon’ Work it Out (ft. Toyebi & Hypel)
15. Count the Ways (ft. Ryanne Noelle of Seventh Ascent)
16. Up Here (ft. DJ Corbett)
17. Live.Love.Life (ft. Annastasia)
18. Waiting for Something (ft. Toyebi)


Mike Dreams – Dreamer’s Poetry (Full Length Studio Album)

Preview Image

01. The Dreamer (Intro)
02. Success Is…
03. The Greatest Never Heard
04. We Goin’  Worldwide (ft. Christina Fisher)
05. Gettin’  Ours
06. I Go Crazy
07. Feelin’ Out This World (ft. Christina Fisher)
08. Start Over Again (ft. Oli)
09. We’ll Be Alright (ft. Ashley Dubose)
10. DreamGurl (ft. Oli)
11. Weekend Jam
12. Highway
13. Heaven’s One Step Away (ft. Garey Hannah Sr.)
14. Never Forget
15. Flight Dream Melody (ft. Margeaux Davis)
16. Hip Hope Anthem (Hello World)
17. Stay Forever (Outro)

Read more: http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/mike-dreams-dreamers-poetry/#ixzz14xSQpBWR


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